Thursday, May 30, 2013

lola coffee

We recently watched a documentary called The Perfect Cappuccino so we have been on a cappuccino kick.  We headed over to Lola Coffee to try theirs, but we are thinking cappuccinos are just not for us.  We will continue trying them out at different cafes, but we will most likely stick to coffee and lattes. 

This is right after Christian (Yvette's little one) grabbed the cup and spilled it everywhere! Trying to act like mommy!

 The decor is darling.  Lola's always feature different artists on their walls.  There are comfy sofas to relax and read a book or you can bring your laptop and get some work done at a tabletop.  The neighborhood is in a nice little area downtown where you can walk around or ride your bike.



  1. That baby really loves coffee! :)

  2. oh does he! he is always trying to grab our cups!